Mercury Free

Safe Mercury/Amalgam/Silver Filling Removal Protocol.

When removing Mercury/Amalgam/Silver fillings, Mercury vapour is released, and without following proper protocol, you would normally be exposed to inhaling and absorbing Mercury into your system.


We recommend you have preparation prior to removing Mercury/amalgam/silver fillings by your health care provider or supplements such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins etc.

Rubber Dam

When removing a mercury/amalgam/silver filling we will place a rubber dam over the mercury/amalgam/silver filled tooth. When a rubber dam is placed over the tooth this tooth will be the only surface exposed, all other areas of your mouth will be protected. This is to prevent fragments of Mercury being swallowed or absorbed by soft tissue.


A close fitting Oxygen mask is placed over your nose and oxygen is supplied to your body with enough pressure to prevent inhalation of any Mercury Vapour that comes off the filling during removal.

Special Burs

Tungsten carbide burs are used for the removal as they create less Mercury Vapour.


It has been demonstrated numerous times that massive water flow onto the tip of the cutting bur also reduces the level of mercury vapour created in the cutting process. All water in our surgery is filtered.

Drill Hand Pieces

The modern hand pieces we use have 4 jets of water aimed at the work surface of the tooth, rather than the normal 3 jet hand piece once again providing massive water flow.

Air Filtration and Extractors

Each surgery and room within the practice is equipped with air filtration and high volume extractor fans that totally changes the air in the room 12 times an hour to eliminate mercury vapour inhalation. Dr. Trevethan also uses an IQ Air Mercury FlexVac air filtration machine with a flexible vacuum arm which captures bacterial aerosols and mercury vapour from the drilling process.

Environmental Dentistry

We have also installed filters that extract all the Mercury from the waste after drilling so that no Mercury from our practice is fed into the environment. We also have filters on the air extraction system that filters out Mercury vapour before entering the environment.