Holistic VS Conventional

At Friendly Smiles Dental we have set up an environment within our practice which gives us the opportunity to take a holistic approach on otherwise general dentistry. We just like a conventional dentist treat your dental conditions with a modernised holistic perspective.

Holistic is simply an approach that we use which involves us working from our head, heart, and compassion to offer you the best without using any biologically harmful materials. Traditional dentistry focuses on the areas above the neck. Holistic dentistry looks at the patient’s whole system and how the mouth relates to the rest of the body.

We focus on the impact your dental condition can have on your whole body and incorporate your medical history and your emotional state to our treatment plan. We do this by considering proper nutrition to prevent any dental diseases such as gum disease, dental infections, and dental decay. We aim to consider and recognise physical and biological imbalance and achieve balanced health from a dental perspective.

There are many potentially toxic materials that are used in dentistry that may pose a health hazard in the absence of appropriate precautionary measures.

Part of our holistic approach is to avoid toxic and biologically harmful materials such as mercury, and white filling materials containing BPA and Bis-GMA. We always aim only to use biocompatible materials that are not harmful to your wellbeing.

In our family owned practice, we are all interested in your wellbeing and to provide a safe environment for the removal of any toxic materials in your mouth. Each surgery is equipped with numerous systems of air filtration and air vacuum which is constantly aiming to purify the air we breathe. Additionally, we use a conventional rubber dam which isolates the tooth and eliminates ingestion of particles whilst removing toxic materials.

We have taken the best of conventional dentistry and combined it with our holistic approach to ensure the best possible treatment for your general health.

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