Children’s Dentistry

What many parents don’t realise is that emerging baby teeth need to be looked after as carefully as we look after our own teeth. As well as their obvious importance for chewing and speaking, they help proper jaw development, and reserve the spaces for the permanent teeth to come through later.

At ‘Friendly Smiles’ we do our best to make dental treatment for children as friendly, relaxed, and fun as possible. The dentist or his assistant will tell creative stories to help explain the different sounds and the steps needed for treatment, and we can offer ‘snooze’ options from happy gas (nitrous oxide) to referral for a general anesthetic if required. At the very least, please ask for the TOOTH FAIRY to be present to help the Dentist when treating your child.

At your child’s visit we include:

  • The use of iPads and toys in the waiting room
  • Visits that are as comfortable as possible
  • A helium filled balloon tied loosely to their arm that they are able to play with during dental treatment
  • Control of the amount of vibration and/or heating that is built into the chair
  • They also have control of the DVD shown on the screen attached to the ceiling
  • Fun tooth brushing lessons
  • Sample bags at the end of treatment
  • We can also help with Paediatric Orthodontics.

For more information about our children’s dentistry services please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3397 0610.