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Headaches, neck or jaw pain?

Frequent headaches? Neck and jaw pain? TMJ/TMD problems?


We understand these questions and you’re at the right place… It’s a jaw problem! Really! It’s usually caused by a misalignment of your bite and your jaw joint (TMJ) which can cause the muscles of the face, neck and even shoulders to seize up and create pain. 


Physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage and even anti-inflammatories will all help, but the pain returns if the underlying cause is the alignment of your teeth and problems with your jaw joint (TMJ/TMD).


This may not be news to you, you may have already been to see a dentist and had crowns or a splint or both and not got the relief you needed. We provide a unique cross-disciplinary solution and our groundbreaking treatment incorporates the best techniques available:

         T-Scan                                         The most advanced clinically recognised digital occlusal analysis system.

         Specialised Orthodic Splint     Dr Trevethan has invented the SOS to relieve the pressure on the  TMJ.

         Laser                                            Low intensity laser to penetrate the tissue and promote healing

         Associated Therapies               Postural Training, Trigger Point Techniques, Vitamin Therapy (all free of charge)


This multi-disciplinary approach enables us to achieve incredible results, but you are in control at our practice. There is no obligation or pressure to do all these treatment options, or even one. We would love to see you for a chat and a consultation to assess your condition.


Please do not put up with chronic pain, we can help.