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Reduced Sensitivity Cleaning

Reduced Sen CleanHaving your teeth cleaned can be quite an ordeal for some patients as their teeth can be quite sensitive during the clean

At Friendly Smiles Dental we always put our patients comfort first and do our very best to make all dental treatment as comfortable as possible including cleans.

Having regular six monthly cleans is extremely important to keep your teeth and especially gums healthy. The health of your gums can greatly impact your overall health.

At friendly Smiles dental we apply a desensitising agent to your teeth before starting the clean which helps to reduce the sensitivity. We use an ultrasonic cleaning instrument which cleans the teeth effectively and efficiently thus reducing the amount of time needed to spend on cleaning.

Reduced sen Clean 2In some circumstances this is just not enough, and teeth are cleaned in quadrants under local anaesthetic.

The use of happy gas during the clean is another pleasant way of reducing sensitivity, although it does add to the cost some patient won’t do without it.

There is no better feeling then having a beautifully fresh clean mouth! So please call Friendly Smiles Dental today to book your reduced sensitivity clean.