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Diet & Dental Decay

Tooth Decay - CupsWhat we eat and drink directly affects how much our teeth decay.

Any food or drink that contains sugar causes tooth decay. Strong teeth decay slowly, weak teeth decay fast.

Almost all food or liquid that passes through a factory has sugar added in the manufacturing process.

When the above food or liquid enters your mouth, the sugar is transformed into acid which rots part of your tooth enamel. It is possible to avoid decay by eating the way our ancestors did 10,000 years ago – the so called “cave man/cave women diet ie. Vegetable, nuts, berries and meat (or other protein) with the occasional piece of fruit.

So, no goodies means no tooth decay.

However, if you do eat the so called goodies, you have to:

Donut and toothClean teeth

a) After food or drink, immediately rinse teeth with a mouthful of water.This will reduce the destructive power of the acid.

b) Brush and floss teeth.

c) Place 3% Hydrogen peroxide where the teeth meet the gums.

d) Use a water get machine to spray water between teeth and gums.

Strengthen teeth

a) Apply tooth mousse (by GC) daily. This product is derived from the Casein molecule in milk. If you have and intolerance to Casein this product should not be used.

b) Excellent nutritional diet including Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts and a suitable source of protein ie. Meat or Soy.

c) Avoid acidic drinks like Fruit Juice, Soft drinks and liquid Vitamin C.

d) Check Calcium levels with your G.P. or Naturopath.