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Preventative Care

ToothAppleAt Friendly Smiles Dental we are passionate about keeping your smile healthy.

There are many ways to help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and we take time to explain many handy hints. We even suggest the use of a water pik (or mini power hose) to flush between your teeth, if your find flossing uncomfortable.

A six month check is invaluable and if a scale and clean is required we use an ultrasonic scaler. This instrument allows us to clean away tartar more effectively and much faster than any other method. We follow up with a massage of your gums.

It is our job to work with you to keep your teeth and gums healthy for the rest of your life.

Dr Tom enjoys teaching his more effective ways to maintain your great smile. One of them involved the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide bought from a supermarket. This has been shown to slow, and in some cases, stop the build-up of tartar that damages gums and eventually can cause tooth loss.

Tooth decay is essentially an ACID disease. When food or liquid that contains sugar enters your mouth it is changed to acid which eats away at your tooth. This is called “tooth decay”. Ideally, no sugar means no decay, and this is why the “cave man” diet is effective in eliminating decay from your teeth. In other words live on water, fruit, vegetables, and protein. Anything touched by a manufacturer may have sugar added – then you need brushing, flossing, hosing and other techniques to protect the enamel of your tooth.