Holistic Dentistry

HolisticAt Friendly Smiles Dental we would like you to be able to live a happy and healthy life. To achieve this we provide high quality biocompatible holistic dentistry and safe mercury amalgam removal.

We understand dentistry can be unpleasant so we focus on your needs. By looking at all aspects; it is our aim to achieve balance and wellbeing.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is to understand the impact your oral health has on your general health. It is important to know the body is connected.
Basic principal of Holistic Dentistry

Proper Nutrition to prevent reversal of dental disease.
Gum disease treatment at a biological basis.
Treatment of Physical imbalance.
Avoidance of toxic Materials such as Mercury.

Pioneering Holistic Dentistry

Our Principle Dentist Dr Tom Trevethan stopped using Mercury/Amalgam filling in 1981. He pioneered the Holistic approach to dentistry in the same year.
During 1982 Dr Tom spoke on radio about the issues relating to placing mercury into the human body.

His foresight has been vindicated in March 2013 with the treaty of the United Nations regarding “Phasing down the use of Mercury/Amalgam fillings in dentistry”.