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Dental Anxieties – Easy Solutions

Relaxing dogAt Friendly Smiles Dental we go the extra mile to make sure your dental visit is as comfortable as possible.

From the moment you arrive you’re greeted with a smile, and helped to relax in our sun lounge. Coffee or camomile tea will be offered to make you feel welcome. We endeavour to see our patients on their appointment time as we understand that waiting can make people anxious.

Dr Tom will always listen to your concerns and give you as much information as possible. Dr Tom has a very calming and soothing nature which helps patients to relax.

Our dental chair has a built in massage and internal heating. A plasma screen on the ceiling has a lovely tropical aquarium playing, and we also have noise cancelling headphones to listen to some relaxing music while you are having treatment. Dr Tom also encourages you to use your own type of meditation if you would like.

If injections are required, Dr Tom will place some numbing gel on the gum and asks you to use breathing techniques. He has perfected the art of giving injections with little or no pain.

If a patient feels the need for a little more help to relax then:

a) Relative analgesia (happy gas)
b) Valium is available
c) Intravenous sedation (twilight sedation) administered by a medical doctor.

Dr Tom’s calming demeanour and extensive study in this area has supported many patients to have a positive and happy dental experience. Dr Tom has studied with Dr Ainslie Mears the founding father of stillness meditation therapy. Dr Tom has also studied in Canberra with an Australian psychiatrist who lives and works in New York and Dr Tom has completed studies in “Relative Analgesia” with the Westmead Hospital in Sydney.

At Friendly Smiles Dental your comfort is our number one priority and we would love to work with you to make your dental visit as pleasant as is humanly possible.